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Social Support Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish the guidelines for the provision of financial and other socio support to Bamaga community stakeholders, individual Bamaga residents and their families. The implementation of this program aims to relieve or prevent poverty (or financial hardship) among disadvantaged indigenous people of Bamaga (and the Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) where organisations service the whole of the NPA) by providing grants and donations, training, employment and job opportunities, enterprise creation, products, equipment and services, advocacy and education and all the necessary support designed to enable individuals to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient.

Bamaga Community Fund Socio Support Policy covers the following areas of financial socio support:

1. Educational Purposes
2. Sporting & Recreational Activities
3. Funeral Expenses
4. Aged Support
5. Medical Assistance
6. Men and Women issues
7. Entrepreneurial and Professional Business Development Related Activities
8. Community Infrastructure
9. Training Related Activities
10. Arts and Culture
11. Religion
12. General Requests

Who can apply for Funding

i. Any Indigenous person who has resided in Bamaga for a period of five years or who resides in the Northern Peninsular Area (NPA) and is considered by the Bamaga Community to be a Bamaga person and/or at the discretion of the Board, any former residents of Bamaga who reside elsewhere for health, medical, educational or separate reasons and who have strong family ties to Bamaga.

ii. Any Bamaga based organisation, Indigenous Corporation, Club, Association or Business or religious body whose primary purpose is for the benefit of Bamaga residents. Exceptions will be considered from organisations set up to service the whole NPA including Bamaga e.g. Mensheds.

iii. In all cases, this is a policy guideline and still at the absolute discretion of the Board as to any support without reasons to be provided in relation to any decision.

What Criteria May Be Met

Applicants must also address, as much as possible, the following criteria;

a) If there is Government or other funding available that the Applicant has sought this funding (This policy is designed not to take the place of existing government programs and services);
b) There is a real financial hardship on the part of the Applicant to meet the proposed funding;
c) The nature and extent of benefit to the Community;
d) Whether the recipients and/or family are also contributing financial or in-kind support themselves;
e) Whether there is a specific community need not being met that the funding will meet;
f) The funding is not likely to create division within the Community
g) It must deliver positive and real support outcomes to the Applicant, the Applicant’s family or the community.
h) Any other information requested by Bamaga Community Fund or information that supports the application.


The following Types of Matters May Be Funded.

a) General Support: (fulltime in prep, junior, middle or high school) $100 voucher (or equivalent for the school shop)/per child/youth annually, e.g. to use for uniforms and other school resources.

Applications close 31 January each year with annual school confirmation of enrolment, name, address, grade and date of birth. For first time application, confirmation of guardianship status is required. A one-off support of $100 is to be made in January. Continuation of payment in later years is subject to a minimum of 75% attendance rate at school during the year the funding relates.

b) Scholarships and Course fees

(i) Scholarships (on application) with applications only for full-time university courses or significant Diploma courses including online and available for ex high school persons (who can have up to two years gap). Two new scholarships (up to three years support) per annum. Up to $5,000 per annum to be paid in two equal amounts. Application form is to be completed and the applicant must pass each year to be entitled to continue to receive scholarship. Immediate call for applications for persons who have already started or are at university in 2014 (2 to be awarded).

(ii) TAFE/similar career-based courses. Consideration of payment of course fees of up to $1,000 for a full or part-time course. This to be paid direct to TAFE or reimbursed on proof of receipt. This is on a per annum basis with any future support being dependent on passing previous courses.

c) School trips: – At the discretion of the Board major school excursions (maximum $2,000 support) to be paid direct to the school.

d) School Equipment – Funding of school equipment and course related needs to support teachers, mentors and enhance quality of education. For example, uniforms for hospitality students. Board will consider funding on application.


The following Types of Matters May Be Funded.

a) Bamaga based Sporting and Recreational Clubs or organisers, with a majority of Bamaga Community participants with a maximum support of up to $2,500 per financial year. This is paid directly to suppliers of uniforms or equipment or other appropriate third-party suppliers.

b) Individuals may claim the following amounts to participate in sporting and/or club type activities at the following levels (tiers).

(i) Regional (outside of the NPA and TI) Representation ($300 per child/youth/adult)
(ii) State/National Representation ($1000 pa per child/youth/adult)

Only one payment per annum. This is paid to a third party such as a School, Regional or State Association or to, for example, airlines or hotels for travel & accommodation.

c) Sporting scholarship(s) for exceptionally gifted sports persons who are looking to make a career of the sport.

d) Donations to youth camps, fundraising, Bamaga Community projects and individual development projects.


The following Types of Matters May Be Funded.

  • Funeral Director
  • Freight costs for returning the deceased to Bamaga
  • Purchase of coffin
  • Flowers
  • Catering/Food for the family gathering
  • Hire of hearse
  • Grave preparation
  • Other expenses directly related to the funeral

Cash will not be given to families but Purchase Orders will be issued to companies providing goods and services or payment will be made directly to such companies on presentation of an invoice.

To qualify for this assistance applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. The deceased must be buried in the NPA
2. The family gathering must take place in the NPA
3. Meet the definition of who the policy is supporting. The Board will have further discretion to support older Bamaga persons who have had to reside outside of the Community due to health care purposes.
4. Complete and lodge a Funeral Declaration Form so that the application can be assessed.

Maximum allowance is $2,500 including GST per funeral.

The following will not be funded.

Applications for travel & accommodation will not be paid for persons to attend the funeral.


The following Types of Matters May Be Funded.

a) Support of up to $1,000 to purchase specially designed or adapted products, medical equipment, items, services or facilities to relieve the needs of such persons provided funding or equipment etc is not available through other health or medical funding programs. The individual will be required to sign an agreement stating that the equipment will be returned when no longer needed and cannot be passed onto others unless proper application is submitted and approval has been given by the Board). Appropriate recommendation from Health authorities required.

b) Donations to fund recreational “days out” for the older people.


The following Types of Matters May Be Funded.

a) Bamaga Community members (as defined) who suffer a long-term illness and requires regular treatment throughout the year (e.g. cancer) can claim up to $2,000 per year to assist with payments required for ongoing medical support. Paid quarterly (or on application for treatment(s)). Advice from Medical practitioner required. To be reviewed at the start of each year.

The following Types of Matters will not be Funded.

Application for televisions, fixed air conditioners etc.


The following Types of Matters May Be Funded

a) Donations towards special community promotions, for example, International Women’s Week
b) Donations to assist community stakeholder’s money raising activities for charitable purposes, for example, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea for cancer relief.
c) Special one-off programs that deal with specific issues.

The following Types of Matters will not be Funded.

Concurrent funding to run community programs and we will not commit to recurrent funding.


The following Types of Matters May Be Funded.

a) Providing office and retail infrastructure to allow enterprise creation and expansion, subject to future infrastructure development.
b) Subsidised rentals of office/retail space during first two years of business establishment
c) Funding of business courses for potential entrepreneurs
d) Scholarships for University studies undertaking business related degrees
e) Equity contributions by way of Joint ventures with indigenous entrepreneurs to assist and support in the establishment of enterprises
f) Certification for trade licences such, for example, Licensed Builder or Electrician licence. Payment of fees and travel and accommodation will be considered. Maximum $1500.
g) Hosting graduation functions for business course students

Prior to submission under these guidelines the Applicant should have approached the TSRA Business Development Program and/or Indigenous Business Australia and be using this program as a last resort. Evidence of approaches to these programs is to be provided.

BEL will not fund business operational expenses


The following Types of Matters May Be Funded

a) Donations towards Community Sports and Recreation infrastructure which cannot be funded by local, State or Federal Government programs or community organisations, for example PCYC.

b) Donations to key community stakeholders involved in Men’s and Women’s issues, for example Mensheds and Women’s Shelter towards the construction of community infrastructure or plant & equipment.

c) Donations to key community stakeholders involved in Childcare/Pre-School activities, towards the construction/renovation of community infrastructure or plant & equipment.


Initially, Bamaga Community Fund will be investing in the appointment of a Training Coordinator employed by BEL for the next five years in order to deliver outcomes against its charitable objects under this socio support area. A total of $150,000 per annum has been allocated for this to occur.


The following Types of Matters May Be Funded.

Donations to assist Bamaga based groups with a majority of Bamaga Community participants, in the area of arts and culture. This may involve but not be limited to;

a) Costumes

b) Training of dances

c) Performances/Displays

NOTE: The Policy is still to be further developed.


The following Types of Matters May Be Funded.

Funding up to a maximum of $2,000 per group, per annum may be allocated to programs undertaken by the following four Church Groups in Bamaga:

• Assembly of God
• Jehovah’s Witnesses
• Catholic Church
• Anglican Church.

Maximum of $2,000 each Group pa.

Funding will not automatically be approved – applications must be submitted every year.


The following Types of Matters May Be Funded.

Any requests not covered by the above will be considered on their merits.

Bamaga Community Fund will not pay anything relating to rent, motor vehicles or utilities.


It is intended that these guidelines will be reviewed by the Directors on a regular basis.


Applications for funding must;
a) Be in writing and in the approved form as agreed by the Bamaga Community Fund or their delegate;
b) Nominate the amount of funding assistance required;
c) Provide the necessary supporting material such as evidence of expenses, quotes, invoices and medical practitioner recommendation.
d) All applications must be submitted to the Bamaga Community Fund by the closing date and no late applications will be considered.
e) Applicants must address the mandatory criteria listed above.
f) If the Directors approve any funding in accordance with this schedule, conditions may be applied to the funding support.


The Chairperson
Bamaga Enterprises Ltd
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Hand delivered to

Bamaga Enterprises Ltd Office
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Email to:


Bamaga Community Fund or an approved delegate or sub-committee will consider all applications at the next Bamaga Community Fund Board meeting or earlier (especially for Funerals) at the absolute discretion of Directors.

The level of grant, donation and sponsorship support is subject to the amount of funding available in any given year which itself is dependent on economic conditions. This may preclude the ability to provide support.

Bamaga Community Fund reserves the right to publicise appropriate grant, donation and sponsorship funding, for example, in its Annual Report but will use discretion as to what type of funding it uses for publication purposes. For example, the names of families receiving funeral support would not be published.