What we do/Services

All profits after provision for capital expenditure are used for community development and support purposes, thus BEL is a community organisation and a non-profit entity. Past profits of BEL have been donated to charitable funds.

To support its constituents, BEL founded the Bamaga Foundation and Bamaga Community Fund, both charitable funds at law. The Bamaga Community Fund assists disadvantaged people, including providing benefits to families to alleviate the financial burden of funeral expenses. The Bamaga Foundation has ATO approval to build an investment fund which will be ultimately self-sustaining in its charitable support.

Our Programs

Through its Socio Support Policy, BEL has re-invested more than $3.5 million in profits back into the Bamaga and NPA communities. This legacy to the community includes but is not limited to the following major initiatives:
$1.6 million for the construction of a building, currently leased to Centrelink
$80,000 for two commuter buses to service the BamagauKazilcommunity centre/day care,
$80,000 for upgrade of BamagauKazil office and day care facilities.
$15,000 towards the construction of the Mensheds facility

Through its charitable programs, BEL, for example, has also donated:
$200,000 for school uniforms for all children in the NPA
$125,000 in funeral donations
$30,000 towards the NPA Show
$190,000 in university and college scholarships
$30,000 for commuter buses for educational purposes
$10,000 in accommodation for optometrists to allow vision testing of all NPA College students

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