Our directors, management and members are committed to the delivery of infrastructure and programs dedicated to raising the living circumstances of the Bamaga/NPA community and creating employment opportunities.

To be eligible as a director, a candidate must have lived in Bamaga for at least five years. Five Directors are elected biennially at the Annual General Meeting by members and the Board has the power to appoint two other directors, one of whom must have senior management and financial expertise and be independent of the community. There are four elected business Directors and one elected social Director all of whom must be members.

BEL Directors (elected/appointed November 2019)

  • Robert Poi Poi Chairperson
  • Clifford Wasiu D/Chairperson
  • Mark Lewis Director/Company Secretary
  • Jean Williams Director (business)
  • Ibuai Jacob Director (business)
  • Leandra Newman Director (social)

BEL Administration Staff



BEL is a major employer in the NPA with a staff of over 50 persons, over 80% of whom are indigenous.

Its General Manager for the last 10 years is Chris Foord, the former CEO of the Bamaga Island Council and former General Manager of what is now Indigenous Business Australia.