Bamaga Enterprises Limited is a not-for-profit, community owned company

which exists to help elevate the standard of living for indigenous residents of Bamaga and the Northern Peninsula Area (NPA). It is a public company whose objectives include relieving poverty and financial hardship of those in necessitous circumstances and supporting & assisting the community generally by way of sponsorships, donations and community infrastructure. This is achieved through its Socio Support Policy which reinvest profits back into the community.

Although BEL operates in a commercially profit orientated environment, as an Indigenous community owned not-for-profit company, BEL has objectives other than those related to profit maximisation. It must also have regards to it’s social, charitable, environmental and community development responsibilities and carefully balance these two components.


Bamaga Enterprises Limited (BEL) is a Indigenous community-owned, not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee, having members and not share holders ensuring profits are fully reinvested within the community.